Alter-Resonance: THE MOD (resonance_mod) wrote in resonance_ooc,
Alter-Resonance: THE MOD

Day 4 delay notice + drops

After failing to respond to roll call and attempts to contact them to confirm their continued existence, AU Original Ion and AU Sync have been removed from the game. The official explanation for the vanishing of dropped characters is that they literally simply vanished: the next morning they were found missing from their rooms as mysteriously as they came. These characters will be found missing on Day 4 so that interested parties can be aware of the discovery.

People who have been assigned to dropped characters have been hooked up with each other instead. In at least two instances, threads have not even begun yet, and so Day 4 will be delayed for one week. Please start your interactions as soon as you can.

We already have the lineup for Day 4, though, and it should be fuuun. ♥
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