Alter-Resonance: THE MOD (resonance_mod) wrote in resonance_ooc,
Alter-Resonance: THE MOD

Day 5 begins

Day 5 begins! And don't forget about Day 4~. But we've rolled for new interactions, and... Well, they're pretty good, we think! ♥

Once again, it's totally up to you whether or not you use the interaction suggested for you here! You need to have interactions, but you are free to trade with other players, etc. You are also free to interact with more than one player at a time!

Jade ---------------> Lucia [AU]
Asch [AU] ----------> Van [AU]
Jade [AU] ----------> Saphir [AU]
Dist ---------------> Arietta [AU]
Gailardia [AU] -----> Peony
Mystearica [AU] ----> Natalia [AU]

Reminder: All AU characters are living in OU!Guy's manor, and will be escorted by at least one guard if you attempt to leave the manor without supervision. (OU!Jade would count as supervision, but he probably doesn't want to babysit you. ♥)

Post here to talk to your partner, trade interactions, inform the mods that your partner is unresponsive and/or nonexistent (we know some of you haven't been doing that! don't be shy, you aren't getting anyone in trouble!), engage in cracky random conversations, etc.
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